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The 18th Nationwide Skill Contest of Isuzu in 2022 was just held on April 27th, 2022. This is an annual contest in order to improve the professional quality as well as encourage the exchange and learning among Technicians, Service Adviser and Spare Parts Adviser.

With the message “Service – Key to Success“, Isuzu understands well the importance of human and after-sales development. The contest is more and more improved, more interesting for the participants and grow the sustainable development of Isuzu & Dealer system in Vietnam.

The 18th Nationwide Skill Contest of Isuzu was held on April 27th, 2022 at Isuzu Vietnam After-Sales Service Center (IAC) – Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh city. The contest was held offline this year instead of online compared to last year, the contestants participated with more enthusiasm. They could not only increase professional knowledge but also apply practical experience to handle situations effectively and accurately.

88 participants had to go through 2 exciting rounds, including theory and practice. The exam questions this year closely follow the reality, suitable with the current market and customer needs.

  1. Practice round: Solve the damage to evaluate the candidate’s skill level as well as the ability to handle situations.
  2. Theory round: Evaluate the professional knowledge of each position (including individual rounds for Service Adviser, Spare Parts Adviser and Technician) by multiple-choice question. Each person answered 25 questions within 60 minutes.

The prize is from VND 9,000,000 to 15,000,000 depending on the award category, in order to encourage the spirit of candidates trying their best during the competition.

Result of Isuzu Skill Contest 2022:

I. The best spare part adviser performance:

– The 1st prize: Đoàn Văn Nguyên Chương (i-TRUCKS Greenka)

– The 2nd prize: Đoàn Văn Hiển (i-TRUCKS Nisu)

– The 3rd prize: Thái Minh Trung (i-TRUCKS An Lac)

II. The best service adviser performance:

– The 1st prize: Phạm Ngọc Duy (i-TRUCKS Đại Thịnh)

– The 2nd prize: Phạm Thái Nghĩa (i-TRUCKS An Lac)

– The 3th prize: Phan Minh Nhat (i-TRUCKS Van Nam)

III. The best technician performance:

– The 1st prize: Nguyen Tan Quang (i-TRUCKS Van Nam)

– The 2nd prize: Nguyen Thanh Lam (i-TRUCKS An Lac)

– Giải ba: Nguyen Anh Quan (i-TRUCKS Nisu)

IV. The best team performance:

– The 1st prize: i-TRUCKS Van Nam

– The 2nd prize: i-TRUCKS An Lac

– The 3th prize: i-TRUCKS Tan Phat

The 18th Nationwide Skill Contest of Isuzu in 2022 took place successfully. The contest’s best contestants will be selected and trained more intensively to prepare for the Global Skill Contest of Isuzu. Through the contest, Technicians and Service/Parts Adviser have a clearer awareness of improving their skills in order to provide the best service to customers.

Isuzu Vietnam always orients “Service – Key to success”. In addition to expanding a nationwide dealer network, applying practical customer care policies, improving service quality, and shortening repair time for customers are also top priorities of Isuzu. This year’s contest continues to mark an important stage in the human development strategy as well as sales and after-sales service of Isuzu.

Video for the event:

28 April, 2022

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